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Mawlin is a Localized Sales Channels for Manufacturing Companies to expand their business in to New Markets with Omnichannel Marketplace Structure.


Global B2C eCommerce Sales are Expected to Reach $4.5 trillion, B2B eCommerce Sales are Set to Exceed $7.7 trillion by 2021



Amazon | eBay | Walmart | Tesco | Fancy | Lyst

Facebook & Instagram Marketplace | google shoppıng

200+ Global & Local Marketplace | Popup stores

B2b and wholesale wıth marketplace for business




FAST & free returns


Multilingual Customer Support


Local Currency With Global Payment Services


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Mawlin Group

Mawlin is an eCommerce Company. We basically import products to our warehouses from manufacturers structured in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany & many European countries. Our sales channels are mainly global marketplaces. We structured our companies formation according to behavior of online shoppers. If you want to export your products to new markets cross border; Mawlin is the solid state, sustainable way to meet your clients…



mawlin offices ın 7 countrıes

Mawlin is active in 7 countries operating eCommerce in more than 15 countries…



52 warehouses in 9 countries

New warehouses are on the list according to our fulfilment needs…



More than Thousand products

More than 1000 products are listed in our marketplace channels…



Scaling internationally can be lucrative, but it also comes with risks that can harm a brand’s future financial prospects. Research suggests 62% of businesses are missing out on global eCommerce opportunities due primarily to the complexity of going global.

We have omnichannel management across global markets and marketplaces with an experienced team on advertising, eCommerce management and brand/product management. We import products from manufacturers to our local corporations and list in marketplace channels with all localisation support, payment, return and fulfilment solutions for e better eCommerce experience in North America and Europe.


Strategy & Localisatıon

With our powerful corporation structure we focused on representing your brand on top level. Competition analysis, business plan and brand positioning are the first step to success in mew markets with our experienced team.

Marketing & advertising

For your and our successful growth, our experienced Marketing / eCommerce Performance team is operating with local agencies on digital marketing and premium offline channels for best performance advertising.

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101 California Street, Suite 2710, San Francisco CA 94111 U.S.A.

+1 415 365 7197